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DC++ logo Date: 22 September 2013
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Note: Open source client for the Direct Connect protocol...
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DC++ 0.8 announces the freedom to share! DC++ is an open source client for the Direct Connect protocol. Direct Connect allows you to share files over the internet without restrictions or limits. The client is completely free of advertisements and has a nice, easy to use interface. Firewall and router support is integrated and it's easy and convenient to use functionality like multi-hub connections, auto connections and resuming of downloads.
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DC++ is a highly ranked software among the downloads at Sourceforge. With over ten million downloads, new users continue to find benefits from the software every day. If you're new to DC++ don't hesitate to take a moment to browse the for*m or read the frequently asked questions. However, the simplicity of the software user interface will help you get started in no-time.

(DC++ version 0.830)
- [L#1010996] Correct search responses (maksis, poy)
- [L#1206658] Fix transfer painting issues (poy)
- [L#1208049] Properly ungroup transfer items (poy)
- [L#1206855] Fix a bug with duplicate directory downloads (maksis)
- Optimize searches with multiple extensions (emtee, poy)
- [L#1032153] Added CDATA parsing to XML parser (crise)
- [L#233798] Added option to set automatic search interval (ullner)
- [L#1033249] The text in the /help-command now lists the description of each command. (ullner)
- Move the PM channel selector to a status bar menu (poy)
- [ADC] Direct encrypted PM channels (poy)
- [ADC] Validate connection tokens to avoid impersonators (poy)
- [ADC] Send FM / FB in code 43 STAs instead of FL (poy)
- Don't reconnect after a manual hub disconnect (poy)
- [L#1225930] Always show the window when double-clicking the notif icon (poy)
- [L#1220488] Upgrade the compiler
- Reduce the max protocol command size from 16 MiB to 16 KiB
- Documentation and translations updated as usual, thanks everyone